(These procedures do not apply for unfurnished apartments)

  • Rental enquiry

To find the apartment that suits you the best you need to send us your enquiry first.
You can do this by phone, email or by the booking tool on the left side of the website.
Once you have completed these steps you can send your enquiry to BBF.

  • Proposal

The concerning agency will send you a proposal by email. If this offer meets your requirements, please confirm by email a.s.a.p. in order for the agency to book the apartment for you. The booking will expire after 48 hours unless BBF receives a valid confirmation such as a signed contract or a reservation fee of €200

  • Lease

Once received your confirmation the agency will ask for your personal and company details in order to establish the lease. This document has to be signed by a representative of the company or by the tenant himself. Please send 2 copies to the concerning agency.

  • Rental Guarantee

A rental guarantee equaling the amount of the monthly rental price is asked in case of any damages in the apartment throughout the rental period.

  • Monthly rent

For every rental month - apartment and/or garage - a rentnote will be made up. The first rentnote includes the price of the final cleaning. This is the main cleaning that will be carried out after check out. The final cleaning is to be paid once at the beginning of the lease.

  • Payment facilities

Both rental guarantee and rentnote can be paid by credit card (online) or by bank transfer.
A cash payment is possible at the agency.

  • Personal login

Once the lease has been established you should receive a personal login which you can use to view important information in 'MyBBF'. This is the partition for tenants on our website. Here you will also find the technical and cleaning support form and the tenants survey.

  • Retrieving keys

Once the payments have been regulated you can retreive your keys either during office hours at the agency and after office hours in one of the safeboxes situated in one of the entrances of the building. The agency will provide you with a special keycode to retreive your keys in safety.

  • Check in

During check in you will be required to complete the remarkslist according to the inventory list (which you can find on the bottom of this page). Once this has been done you are required to hand over this document at your local agency.

  • During your stay

You are advised as a tenant at BBF to carefully read the general information and bylaws situated in the entrance halls and in the elevators. Should you need any further information, you can contact your local agency during office hours. Should you need any repairs in your apartment it is possible to fill out the technical support form which you can find via the MyBBF login.

  • Insurance
Landlords have insured the building for fire and related risks, electrical and water damage, on behalf of the tenant, by means of which the tenant’s liability towards the landlord and towards third parties is covered.
The tenant's personal belongings however, are not covered by the landlord’s insurance policy.
To insure damage to his/her own property, we advice the tenant to take a separate insurance.

  • Check out

During check out you are obliged to hand over the keys at your local agency before 11 am or by dropping them in the BBF mailbox in the entrance hall. For any further administrative or financial matters, please contact your local agency.




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