Our rental package includes two standard cleanings of your apartment per month. These are programmed to ensure hygienical and enjoyable living conditions. They also include the changing of the bath and bed linen. The frequency of these cleanings can be increased subject to an additional cost.

Whenever there is any technical problem there is always a handyman in the neighbourhood to solve this. Whether it’s replacing a broken light bulb or just explaining your heating settings, somebody will take care of it. In order to have a smooth running schedule and to help you out the fastest way we would encourage you to send us the completed technical assitance form.

High speed internet connection (without charge) and telephony (with charge) are standard in every apartment. A lan cable is provided for access to your broad band connection.

Television sets with remote control and cable TV connection are standard in every apartment.
The menu of channels depends from the area in Brussels.

The properties with the above displayed icon have a laundry room with a professional coin operated washing machine and tumble dryer. These can be found in the basement of the residence. The operating instructions are displayed in the same area. Sometimes washing machines are integrated in the apartment.

To facilitate your stay when you are here by car, the properties have an underground parking area. These are accessible by elevator. The parking entrance door is automatic and also operates with a remote control.
Please make sure to book your parking space while you book your apartment.

In order to inform you in the best possible way general information is being displayed in the elevators, in your apartment and in our information guide ‘Follow Up’. For every further information you are requested to contact your local BBF agency.

Every property has a fairly reasonable access to public transport and at least one elevator.


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