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New Belgium chapter on the horizon for ASAP

In response to apartment demand across Europe, ASAP has announced its latest collaboration with one of Belgium’s leading accommodation providers. The new opportunity, with Quality Accredited member BBF (Brussels Business Flats), highlights ASAP’s continuing international growth and marks the beginning of a new chapter for the globally recognized accrediting body. BBF operates more than 1,600 serviced apartments in Brussels and other important cities. The ASAP Quality Accreditation is the leading global quality assessment, recognition and reporting system for the industry. James Foice, Chief Executive of ASAP, said: “I am incredibly excited for ASAP’s new venture into Belgium and beyond. We are so grateful for the opportunity to expand, evolve and grow as an association. We are looking to further explore other major areas of the world that are in need of additional, trusted apartment accommodation but for now, this second European chapter for ASAP is very exciting and we can’t wait to see what else is to come.” Serviced apartment demand has seen an increase over the past 12 months, with more people relocating for employment and it being a comparably cheaper option to other accommodation services. Joël Vanmellaert, Managing Director of BBF, said: “Belgium, especially Brussels with international institutions, has had a thriving market of serviced apartments for years. To date, however, there is no real representation of our industry. Therefore it is certainly an enrichment for the serviced apartment market to start with a Belgian chapter of ASAP. The accrediting body has been a major promoter for our industry. We hope that this local chapter can also grow into the local representative of reliable and professional providers.”
ASAP aims to ensure consumer confidence in booking a serviced apartment and this now stems to guests booking their accommodation across the world. The ASAP stamp of approval is recognized across the globe as the leading accreditation in the industry. James added: “Having the support of BBF strengthens our bond with the European market, a topic we will also be addressing at this year’s ASAP Convention. We also plan to secure further partnerships across the globe over the next five years. BBF are a great team and company to have on board, offering some really fantastic apartments across Brussels and we’re proud to have them support this new opportunity for our industry.”

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