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One for free at B-Square!

Offer: For a minimum stay of 12 months (one year) you receive the 12th month for free.

Terms and conditions:

This offer applies only by completing and sending the inquiry form below. The offer/ discount is valid from the 1st of September 2019 until the 31st of December 2019. After the 31st of December the offer will be terminated. This offer can not be combined with other offers and is subject to availability. It applies only for renting an apartment in the B-Square Residence.

With every minimum stay longer than 12 months the rent for the 12th month will not be charged. With ‘rent’ we mean the initial rental price as agreed within the lease. If the duration of the lease is longer than 12 months the 12th month will not be charged and the consecutive months will be charged in full again.
The offer is valid only when the lease is confirmed between the validation period as stated here above, and only when all the previous months as in the lease agreement have been paid correctly as specified in the terms & conditions for rental which you can find on our website. This offer does not apply for residents who are already renting an apartment with BBF during the validity of this offer. The monthly rates indicated on our website are minimum rates which are subject to change. Please check the monthly rates that apply with our sales team previously to booking. 

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This website uses cookies. 

This website uses cookies. 

This website uses cookies.