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Frequently asked questions

How long can I stay in a BBF apartment?

You can stay as long as you would like, provided you did not set an end date when making your booking. Your lease will be automatically renewed each month. If you wish to end your lease, please let us know a minimum of 15 days in advance.

What can I expect in my apartment?

Comfortable furniture. Wooden or carpet floors. WIFI connection and a television set. A fully equipped kitchen, including a microwave oven, stovetop, refrigerator and a full set of cookware, tableware, glassware, and utensils. A stylish bathroom with shower and, in select units, a bath. Towels and bed linens are provided. A videophone entry system. An individual thermostat to regulate heating. A bedroom with a double bed and wardrobe.
Comforters and pillows are provided, although you are free to bring your own. Some apartments have a balcony, a washing machine, and tumble dryer. There is a communal laundry room in the basement of all BBF properties.

Is my apartment serviced?

Yes. Your apartment will be cleaned every two weeks. Bed and bath linens are changed during each cleaning. Additional or more frequent cleaning service can easily be arranged- please contact your rental agent for a quote. A dedicated technical staff is available to tend to any problems or repairs in your apartment and/or the common areas.

Where in Brussels are the apartments located?

BBF’s properties are located all over the greater Brussels area. We also offer apartments in several other cities around the world. Please use our apartment finder to find the location that best suits your needs.

Do you accept Pets?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept pets in our apartments due to hygiene and security reasons.

Am I insured when renting an apartment with BBF?

Your building and apartment are insured for fire and related risks, and for electrical and water damage. Your personal belongings, however, are not covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. To insure against damage to your personal property, we advise you purchase a separate insurance.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

No, smoking is strictly prohibited in all apartments and in all common areas of the building. Most apartments have a balcony, though, allowing tenants direct access outside to smoke.

Do you also have three bedroom apartments?

Yes, please check our apartment finder and booking tool, which is available on our homepage, to see which three bedroom properties are available.

Is there on-site parking?

Most of our properties feature an underground car park. Parking spaces can be booked together with your flat or separately. Please reach out to our rental agents for availability and pricing.

Can I get an extra bed?

Yes, please ask your local agent for an extra bed or cot. These are available for a one-time fee of €50 and include bed linens and towels.

Are cots available?

Yes, please ask your local agency for more information upon your arrival or while you make your booking.

Is there easy access for disabled guests?

Most of our properties are accessible for guests with reduced mobility. Our rental agents will be glad to assist you in finding an apartment that best suits your accessibility needs.

Can I hold a party or gathering while staying in my BBF apartment?

You are free to invite people to your apartment. Out of courtesy to other tenants, we request all tenants to respect quite hours, which are designated between 10pm and 8am. We ask all guests to carefully read the general information and courtesy rules provided in welcome packs and posted throughout BBF properties. This ensures an enjoyable stay for everyone.

Are bed linens and towels included?

Yes, these are provided and will be changed every two weeks during regular cleaning services.

How do I book an apartment?

To find the apartment that best suits you, we ask you to first send us your enquiry. You can do this by phone, email or by the booking tool on the website.

How do I pay the lease of my apartment?

Both the rental guarantee and monthly rental invoices can be paid by credit card (online) or by bank transfer.

Is there free WIFI in the apartments?

Internet connection is included in all rental packages and is available in every BBF apartment. LAN cables and, most often, WIFI routers are provided in each apartment.

Can I appeal to someone for technical problems?

Yes, a dedicated handyman is available to address any repairs or technical problems.

What is included in the rate?

Water, electricity, heating, internet, cleaning services, bath and bed linen, technical assistance, cable TV, insurance, central waste pickup and administration services are all included in the rental price.

How far in advance do I have to book my apartment?

We advise to book your apartment a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. However, in some cases, it is possible to book an apartment just a single day in advance.

Can I extend my stay?

Your stay is automatically extended each month. All you have to do is confirm the end of your stay 15 days in advance. You can do this by email, telephone, or by visiting your agency in person.

How do I check-in?

Keys can be collected at the local agency during office hours. After office hours, keys will be placed in a lockbox situated in one of the entrances of the building. Please advise your rental agent of your expected arrival time, and she or he will provide you with a special access code to retrieve your keys. Your keys will be in an envelope that contains the exact location of your apartment and check-in instructions.

How do I check-out?

Check out is simple: close and lock the door of your apartment after you’ve removed all personal artifacts, then leave your keys at your local agency or, if outside office hours leave the keys in the key drop box located in your building’s entryway.

Is it possible to view an apartment before booking?

Yes, our sales team will be happy to schedule a showing to give you an idea what your apartment will look like. 

Is there a minimum length of stay?

The minimum stay in Brussels has changed to 3 months. Please contact our booking team for more information.

Can I change apartments?

Yes, although this will depend on the terms of your lease and the availability of the other apartments.

Where can we find information on BBF and the area in which we are staying?

Follow Up is our annual magazine, and a copy will be waiting for you in your apartment. Packed with information about your local area and the city in general, Follow Up is your ultimate guide to the city of Brussels. In addition to BBF rental information, transit information, local government information, restaurant and nightlife tips, and cultural events are detailed in this handy publication. Please contact your local agency if a copy is not available in your apartment upon arrival -we’ll be glad to deliver a new copy to your door.

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