One of the most enchanting municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is adored for its serene, calm ambience created by the dainty residential sectors scattered around the municipality.

Initially, a settlement built around farming land, the municipality gained importance due to the construction of a church dedicated to Saint-Lambert, a 7th-century bishop from Maastricht who was martyred in Liège.

After this period, the land around the municipality began to be acquired by various charitable organizations and became a highly sought after area for residential buildings and chateaus.

Today, the municipality supports a thriving community, with a vibrant cultural scene that is much-loved by locals and tourists.  Below are some must see and do things in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. 

1. Le Marmiton Restaurant

The Restaurant Le Marmiton offers diners the chance to dive into a world of flavours surrounded by industrial design aesthetics. The restaurant is a popular attraction among the locals and tourists and is an excellent choice for either popping in to grab a quick bite or for enjoying a hearty dinner with friends and family.

The two-story eatery, established in the 70s, has gained much acclaim from tourists, visitors, and locals alike, and attracts a steady stream of enthusiasts each year.

The eatery provides a glance at the spread of industrial design architecture ac

tasty restaurant in woluwe-saint-lambert

2. Park Malou

Start your exploration of the region with a visit to the oldest park of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. Built around the valley of the Woluwe stream, the park boasts an interesting history that reflects the legacy of the region.

Once a bog surrounded by fishing ponds, hunting grounds, and a small wooded area, the park achieved its present form after the construction of the famous Château Malou on its grounds.

The owners of the Château, named after the Belgian statesman Jules Malou, successively renovated the grounds and transformed it into its present shape.

Today, the park offers a sweeping vista covered by trees and greens, where visitors can spend a relaxing day enjoying the summer sun or playing around the fields with their family.

sonian forest a short drive from BBF apartments in woluwe-saint-lambert

3. Sonian Forest

Only a short drive out from the main municipality centre, the Sonian Forest is an ecologically rich and diverse woodland that spans across multiple bordering municipalities in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The forest offers a diverse range of fauna and flora that are representative of the delicate ecosystems that span across the region. It makes a perfect visit for those looking to camp out in the wild and enjoy the pleasures that mother nature has to offer.

The forest offers an incredible opportunity for bird watching, and for studying the naturally diverse plant life of the region.

A visit to the Sonian Forest can serve as an incredibly refreshing and educational experience for those looking to feel a bit close to nature in their free time.

4. Paul Moens Medicinal Plant Garden

Another exciting attraction for those who wish to learn more about nature is offered by the Paul Moens Medicinal Plant Garden, located near Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. The Garden hosts a wide variety of therapeutic, toxic, and exotic plant species that are either endemic to the region or imported historically by the various cultures that have interacted with the country over time.

The Garden provides a highly rewarding learning opportunity for visitors to engage their sense and learn lots about the natural flora of the region, especially those herbs and shrubs that have been a part of traditional medicine across the region.

Visiting the garden also provides an excellent opportunity to experience the beautiful variations offered by nature and the beneficial relationship humans have developed with plants across the ages.

5. Kasteel Jourdain

At a short drive from Woluwe-Saint-Lambert lies the Jourdain Castle. Built by the noble-men that acquired the surrounding woodland in the middle-ages, its municipality now owns the castle. It serves as a communal and cultural space where the residents of the region can partake in social activities.

Open to visitors and residents alike, the grounds and lavish rooms of the castle now serve as an engaging space where social occasions and cultural events are celebrated each year.

A visit to the castle provides a unique opportunity to study the architectural style of the region as it was prevalent during the middle-ages and can serve as a highly educational visit for young children!

6. Wolu Mini Golf

For those who wish to spend the day engaging in some fun and exciting activities, the Wolu Mini Golf course is an excellent place to visit. The golf course provides an 18-hole mini-golf course that spans across various interesting and creative sections.

Spending a day at the course is a great way to interact with the locals while engaging in some friendly competition with your friends and family that is sure to add an element of happiness and excitement to your visit.

The course is a favourite among the locals and is often preferred for get-togethers and an evening of light-hearted fun by the younger population of the area.

logo of wolu mini golf in woluwe saint lambert

7. Parc Georges Henri

Perhaps one of the more exciting places to visit around Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, the Georges Henri Park serves a macabre history to its visitors. Initially, the site of a communal cemetery, the area was repurposed into a park to serve the municipality. Even today, most of the tombstones uprooted from old graves can be seen as you walk through the old paved paths, as the same tombstones were used to create the new pathways across the park.

At regular intervals, one can easily make out the inscriptions of the tombstones laid into the pavement.

The park offers multiple outdoor locations for children and families and features a beautiful fountain that makes it a perfect visit for a hot sunny day!

Exploring Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

The small municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert may seem like an insignificant location on the map. In reality, the town is an exciting place that offers a variety of experiences to those who are open and welcoming towards the serenity, calmness, and exquisite beauty of the region.

While you visit Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, don’t forget to explore the surrounding regions and the most popular neighbourhoods in Brussels to craft a uniquely exciting experience during your visit to Belgium.


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