Evere is a small municipality of the Brussels-Capital Region. With its small population, the area historically existed as a rural region before the advent of the First World War. After the First World War, the area gained prominence due to its involvement in the aviation industry of Belgium and is famous across the region for its organic farmer’s markets.

The area now hosts the headquarters of NATO and has become host to many multi-national organizations, some of which serve as tertiary industries.

Cimetière de Bruxelles

A visit to Evere is incomplete without visiting the Brussels Cemetery to pay your respects. The cemetery hosts many of the region’s most notable names in politics, religion, arts, and the armed forces.

In the middle of the cemetery lies the British Waterloo Campaign Monument that commemorates the British soldiers that participated in the Waterloo Campaign of 1815. The monument, designed by Jacques de Lalaing, was commissioned by Queen Victoria herself.

The cemetery also holds the Belgian Airmen’s Field of Honor that serves as the final resting place of Belgian airmen that served their country during the Second World War.

The cemetery also holds the remains of 53 British Commonwealth service personnel of World War I and 587 from World War II, in the area titled as the British Commonwealth War Graves.

Before you begin your exploration of Evere, we recommend stopping over at the cemetery to pay homage to the cemetery internments.

beautiful old graves in the brussels cemetery with stain glass windows

Brussels Mill and Food Museum

The Brussels Mill and Food Museum is housed in a dainty little windmill in the municipality. Recently repurposed into a museum, the establishment holds regular exhibitions centered around the theme of food, celebrating the culinary culture and tradition of the region and country.

Visiting the mill museum and its attached park is a great way to spend a relaxing evening with the family while taking in some of the historical facts and interesting exhibits of this highly unique museum that can only be found in Evere!

Although a bit unique due to its subject matter, the museum serves a fundamental purpose to keep the region’s tradition and culture alive and vibrant!

The associated park encourages people to regularly visit the museum, which serves an educational purpose for tourists and residents alike!

pieter cnops museum in evere near bbf apartments

Pieter Cnops Municipal Museum

Another great museum to visit in Evere is the Pieter Cnops Municipal museum that showcases and preserves the history of the municipality and its surrounding region. The museum hosts exhibits that showcase various economic, traditional, fold, political, and religious facets of the region going back to the early middle ages!

For a chance to learn more about the history of the region, its tradition, and culture, a visit to the Pieter Cnops Municipal Museum with your family is a great learning and educational opportunity!

The Municipal Museum reflects the Belgian government’s focus on the education of the population and their efforts to keep tradition and culture alive and vibrant throughout the country.

Tourists and visitors are awarded a great chance to learn about the political struggles, trade relations, religious practices, and cultural organizations of the people that inhabited the region from the Early Middle Ages to the present era.


The Moeraske

The Moeraske or Little Marsh is a woodland area spread over three municipalities, with its major portion in Evere. The marsh is a vestigial remnant of the era during which the railway tracks were being laid across the region. Certain areas of the park are open to the public and offer a walk of over 2 KM’s in length.

The woodland area consists of a small marsh, a stream, a dry meadow, a small woodland, and a vegetative area that is perfect for a short excursion amongst nature. The marsh offers the opportunity to view the region’s flora and fauna and displays an integrated ecosystem that is incredibly exciting to experience and observe.

The woodland also contains a “reserved” area that is only accessible through guided tours. This reserve area is separated to preserve the delicate habitats of the flora and fauna that populate the site and protect the natural diversity of the park.

The park also provides an excellent opportunity for bird watching, so don’t forget to pack your binoculars!

the moeraske great for walks near bbf evere apartments

Triton Pool

For a relaxing day swimming in pristine cool water, you can head over to the Triton Pool and enjoy a leisurely day with your family. The community pool also serves as a training center for the local sports teams. It is the center of various sports scholarships provided by the municipality to well-performing athletes from the schools.

The pool offers other related facilities and has a shallow end where children can play and swim safely.

The community pool regularly hosts training and awareness programs that engage the local population and help the younger generation discover the pleasure of water sports. Such community pools are present in almost every municipality across Belgium, allowing the people to engage in sports activities and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Visitors can call ahead and inquire about the timings and tariffs that may apply to foreign visitors.

Deknoop and Friday Market

For a chance to sample the local artisanal produce of the region, you can visit the Deknoop Market that is hosted every Wednesday and the Friday Market. Every week, gardeners from around the municipality bring their produce to the market and other cottage industry products manufactured by the local population.

Visiting the markets is a great way to engage with the locals and sample the region’s culture while enjoying the fruits of the land! Most gardeners offer fully organic produce, and there are roughly 30 stalls in each market.

The Friday Market takes place in front of the cemetery of Brussels. The Deknoop Market has been held for more than 60 years in the municipality and forms part of the region’s unique identity.

Visiting the markets is a great way to learn, enjoy the local cuisine, and build friendships during your stay at Evere.

friday evening markets in evere

Bar du Gaspi

For those looking to sample a bit of the local culture and cuisine, we suggest heading over to the Bar du Gaspi, which some reviewers say offers a 100% authentic traditional Belgian atmosphere that many visitors adore!

The café offers an outdoor and indoor seating space that is usually filled by locals and visitors looking to grab a quick bite.

A visit to the bar serves an exciting opportunity to sample the local culture and mingle with the residents, getting a chance to make new friendships and acquaintances during your stay.

Where to Stay in Evere?

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We hope you enjoy your stay in Belgium and find the attractions around Evere to be exciting and fun.


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